Monday, December 12, 2016

Why Writers Need Proofreaders

Proofreading is the final stage of the writing process. It can only be done once the writer finishes all other revisions, rewrites, and edits. Imagine it as the final quality check before writing is published. In other words, it means checking to ensure the writing is technically and aesthetically sound. Proofreading goes hand in hand with editing. The correction of errors in an academic paper is the main reason why writers need proofreaders. They correct inconsistent formatting in layout, which includes margins, page numbering, italics, alignment, headers and footers, quotes, paragraphing, spacing, tabs, and fonts. Moreover, they correct the usage of language, which includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, hyphenation, capitalization, abbreviations, and acronyms. Proofreading service requires an expert who has a vast experience. It is very hard for a student to correct all the mistakes in their papers. This leads to loss of marks and frustrations among the students. If you are a student undergoing such problems, you should seek professional proofreading help. Our proofreaders read through the final copy of the text to highlight and correct errors. Once the errors are identified and marked with the appropriate symbols, the proof is corrected. They may either decide to write the whole draft or just polish the finished product. The following are the qualities of good editors and proofreaders:
·         Have a detailed knowledge of the language in which they work.
·         Be computer literate.
·         Be good at research.
·         Read widely and have interests in a number of subjects.
·         Have sound analytical skills.
·         Be able to identify facts that need to be checked.
·         Pay attention to detail.
·         Be able to understand writing in various fields, even if they know little about the subject matter.
·         Be capable of critical thinking.
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